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Make progress on the goals that matter most to you!

You tell me your plans, and I'll hold you to them...

As your accountability buddy, I'll be in your corner to encourage you, check in with you, and celebrate with you when you accomplish what you said you’d do; along the way, you're building confidence as you pave the path to a happier, healthier you.

This program is for you if:


  • you have access to everything you need to achieve your movement & wellness goals, but just can't seem to follow through

  • you have access to the Happiness & Bliss Kula Library of classes, but can't get yourself to do the recordings if they're not live

  • you're sick and tired of making excuses for not having a rock solid fitness and wellness routine (I can help you create and stick to a program)

  • you know what you want (or need) to do to move forward on your goal, project, or course of study, but need someone to lovingly nudge you on your path

  • you want someone on your side to cheer you on and lift you up!​


Keep Going!! You've got this!!.png

How it works:

1. Every Sunday, you'll text or email me with last week's progress and next week's plan. 

2. Throughout the week, you'll keep track of your progress and share your wins with me via email or text. You can also ask strategy questions as you come up against obstacles.


3. You'll learn what works best and what doesn't with regard to accountability. We'll adjust and customize how we communicate to ensure it is working best for YOU!


The Pilot & Beta Program (Summer & Fall 2023) is offered at a deeply discounted rate in exchange for feedback and testimonials.

For only $10/week (billed monthly), you will get:

  • weekly accountability on your goals

  • weekly text support & encouragement

  • personalized strategies for accomplishing your goals.

*Please note, there is a 2-month commitment, after which you can cancel anytime.

*Kula membership is not included

Examples of How I Can Help

These are just some of the ways folks are using this Accountability Program

"Being accountable to Karson has helped me assess and reinstate some personal wellness habits that really help boost my mood and overall life satisfaction: journaling, yoga, walking, more mindful eating, and creativity. I appreciate Karson’s creative, personalized suggestions for me and her knowledge around all things wellness. Her words & approach are kind and encouraging and I always feel proud to share my wins with her."

-Lena S.

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