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KULA /ˈko͞olə/ (noun) a Sanskrit word for community.

Happiness & Bliss Kula is a virtual yoga membership where we practice, connect, meditate, establish our personal practices and hold each other accountable to our deepest desires, all on our own time, from our own homes.


Established well before the Covid pandemic, this Kula blossomed just in time for 2/3 of the world to be staying home and socially distancing. This is SO MUCH MORE than just online yoga, it's a lifeline. We read, we have Zoom coffee dates, we talk about big issues, we meditate, we dance, we flow, we laugh.


Plus, you can expect daily live-streamed classes via Zoom, and access to hundreds of pre-recorded content in our Happiness & Bliss Library.

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Virtual Yoga Class


  • Unlimited access to hundreds of yoga, meditation, and movement classes of varying lengths, styles, and levels 

  • Livestream classes 6 days a week, all classes recorded and available for replay 

  • An open invitation to our weekly workshops, Parenting Group, Kula Chats, Moon Rituals, and other non-movement based gatherings 

  • Discounts for workshops & special events with Karson & Tierney 

  • Access to live & recorded cardio, dance, and pilates with Charlotte from Movement Designed to Feel Good (a $99 value) 

  • Access to our community portal for connection & communication 

  • Monthly themes, accountability checks, practice calendars and so much more...


$49/month with 7 Day Free Trial​*

*Fine print: After your 7-day free trial, the $49 Membership Rate will apply automatically every month. Cancel before your next charge (or before the trial is over) with no hard feelings. No refunds or returns.
Online Yoga Class


Already in the Kula?


"The Happiness & Bliss Kula literally helped me maintain my peace of mind (especially during covid) I don't know where I would be mentally or physically without these amazing humans. They're not just people I do yoga with, they are family, sisters in arms. I can feel all the love, wisdom and power of all women who came before us when I am with them. It's magical."


"The Kula has brought so much joy into my life. I feel uplifted and supported after every class and recommend to anyone on the fence to join. You will love it!"


"I joined the kula early in 2020, while the pandemic was getting into full swing in the USA. The kula and yoga became an integral part of my daily life, around which I worked all else. (I’m retired so could do this.) The classes, love, support and growth opportunities changed my life in such a positive way and helped me work through the dark days of the pandemic. And even now, as things open up again, I am STILL feeling supported and uplifted as a part of this group. I am eternally grateful."


"The Kula has completely redefined my relationship with my yoga practice. I am HOOKED on practicing in my own space, on my own time, without having to commute or take several hours out of my day to practice. I'm surprised to hear myself say that even though the world has opened back up again, I plan to stay in the Kula as long as they'll have me! It's just the best :)"


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