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KULA /ˈko͞olə/ (noun) a Sanskrit word for community.

Happiness & Bliss Kula is a virtual yoga membership where we practice, connect, meditate, establish our personal practices and hold each other accountable to our deepest desires, all on our own time, from our own homes.


Happiness & Bliss Kula is a virtual yoga membership with access to hundreds of on-demand yoga, dance, pilates, embodied movement, stretch, breathwork, and meditation classes-- ranging in length from 5-min to 90-min.

Classes are engaging, accessible, and relatable, making you feel like you're right there beside your teachers and fellow students.

Best Online Yoga Classes
Virtual Yoga Class


  • Unlimited access to hundreds of yoga, meditation, and movement classes of varying lengths, styles, and levels ​

  • Discounts for workshops & special events with Karson & Tierney ​

  • Access to our community portal for connection & communication 

  • Monthly themes, accountability checks, practice calendars and so much more...


with a 7 Day Free Trial*

*Fine print: After your 7-day free trial, the reduced $24.50 Membership Rate will apply automatically every month. Cancel before your next charge (or before the trial is over) with no hard feelings. No refunds or returns.
Online Yoga Class
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