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Reflect, Refresh, & Renew.

A 2-hr on-demand workshop experience for you to reflect, refresh, and renew your 2022 goals and intentions! July 1 is the exact mid-point of the year, so why not check in with all those resolutions you made 6 months ago?

This workshop will include movement, yoga, breathwork, and meditation, as well as visualization, mind-mapping, and journaling, to leave you feeling optimistic and excited about the rest of your year.

This workshop will be ready to view on the Summer Solstice (June 21, 2022), and can be done anytime that is convenient for you!

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  • space to move and practice asana 

  • a journal &/or paper to reflect and map your year so far and where you want to go 

  • please PRINT the files (if you want to) before you begin, specifically the wheel of life handout


  • any notes or journal entries from New Years 2022 

  • headphones 

  • a candle and anything you want/need to make your space sacred for this experience.

*Fine print: I suggest you do this workshop in one sitting, and treat it as if it were a sacred live ceremony :) One you purchase this class you'll have access until September 21, 2022.
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