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KULA /ˈko͞olə/ (noun) a Sanskrit word for community.

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Whether you are new to the Kula or a longtime member, this is your landing page for all the links, themes, and information you need to navigate Happiness & Bliss :)

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This is how you'll access the Included Content, which we refer to as "The Library".

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The live class schedule is released on Saturdays for the upcoming week. The Join button illuminates 10 min before class starts.

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This month's theme:

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What to Expect thisMonth:


This month's Practice Calendar:

This Week :

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We're continuing with The Artist's Way! We're so pleased to hear about everyone's experience with Morning Pages and Artist's Dates in May! This month, we're loosely working through week 5-8 in the book; and don't worry, you can still jump in and participate even if you haven't been doing it so far. During the Monday Message, each week, Karson will offer a ket takeaway to consider from the chapter, on Wisdom Wednesday, Tierney will lead everyone through some creativity-inducing exercises, and on Fridays, we'll have "real talk" and discuss the week!

Pay-It-Forward Intuitive Readings with Mama Jan Be sure to book your appointment now if you'd like a 1-hr Tarot/Intuitive Reading with Mama Jan- simply make a donation to Mental Health America, and book an appointment on her Calendly link! More info down below :)

Moms Group meets on the 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month at 10amPT! For June, that means 6/10 and 6/24 :) 

The Kula Book Club will keep reading, but will take a break from meetings until the Fall :) 

Special Events

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Have you contemplated how through our energy and intention  we create our world one thought, one kindness, one intention at a time? Well, in line with that understanding I am going to try a little pay it forward experiment this month. I am offering my energy to you for a one hour Tarot/Intuitive card Reading. What's that? Well, we will spend an hour together in a one-to-one phone meeting, taking a look at past, present, future information the Universe wants you to know. 


If you decide to accept the invitation, I am asking you to pay it forward through your energy in the form of a financial contribution to the Kula Charity, Mental Health America. This is a great win win win as the energy flows from the Universe to me, to you, to MHA to unknown recipients who continue to pay it forward.  That's how change happens. Isn't it great?


So if you're feeling curious, and more importantly generous, click on the link below to book your session, and once you set it up, I will send you an email with everything you need to know for our reading.


This is going to be fun:)

Love, Mama Jan

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Guiding Text for June

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In honor of Personal Sacredness, we'll continue working with Julia Cameron's classic, The Artist's Way! Specifically, we're working through Weeks 5-8 in the text, or you can simply commit to Morning Pages and/or Artists Dates for this month! We'll discuss on Fridays :) 

Learn more about this book HERE :)

We're also reading...

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

The Power of Ritual by Casper ter Kuile

The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo 

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