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Happiness & Bliss Kula

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About Us

KULA /ˈko͞olə/ (noun) a Sanskrit word for community.

The Happiness & Bliss Kula was established before the pandemic, and will be here well after! Now, finishing its second year, it is comprised of incredibly bright and whole-hearted women from all over the world. Our daily practices are personal, relevant, and accessible for every body and every heart. Cure your loneliness and stay strong, happy, and healthy, by joining our Kula (community)!!


Happiness & Bliss is an online yoga community where we can practice, meditate, establish our personal practices and  hold each other accountable to our deepest desires, all on our own time, from our own homes. 


Yoga, positive psychology, philosophical texts, and scientific research will inspire this ever-evolving catalogue of inspiration, self-study, and daily practices.

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